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[feyth-beyst] /ˈfeɪθˌbeɪst/

affiliated with, supported by, or based on a religion or religious group:
faith-based charities.

pertaining to a connection with a religion, faith, or belief system

Faith-based books are selling well.


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  • Faith community

    noun 1. a community of people sharing the same religious faith

  • Faith-cure

    noun 1. a method of attempting to cure disease by prayer and religious faith. 2. a cure thus effected.

  • Faither

    /ˈfeðər/ noun 1. a Scot word for father

  • Faithful

    [feyth-fuh l] /ˈfeɪθ fəl/ adjective 1. strict or thorough in the performance of duty: a faithful worker. 2. true to one’s word, promises, vows, etc. 3. steady in allegiance or affection; loyal; constant: faithful friends. 4. reliable, trusted, or believed. 5. adhering or true to fact, a standard, or an original; accurate: a faithful account; […]

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