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[fal-buh-luh] /ˈfæl bə lə/

a furbelow or puckered flounce for decorating dresses in the 17th century.
a gathered flounce, frill, or ruffle


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  • Falcate

    [fal-keyt] /ˈfæl keɪt/ adjective 1. curved like a scythe or sickle; hooked; falciform. /ˈfælkeɪt/ adjective 1. (biology) shaped like a sickle adj. 1826, from Latin falcatus, from falcem (nominative falx) “sickle.” falcate fal·cate (fāl’kāt’) adj. Falciform.

  • Falchion

    [fawl-chuh n, -shuh n] /ˈfɔl tʃən, -ʃən/ noun 1. a broad, short sword having a convex edge curving sharply to the point. 2. Archaic. any sword. /ˈfɔːltʃən; ˈfɔːlʃən/ noun 1. a short and slightly curved medieval sword broader towards the point 2. an archaic word for sword n. “broad sword, somewhat curved,” c.1300, fauchoun, from […]

  • Falcial

    [fal-shuh l, -chuh l, fawl-] /ˈfæl ʃəl, -tʃəl, ˈfɔl-/ adjective, Anatomy. 1. of or relating to a .

  • Falciform

    [fal-suh-fawrm] /ˈfæl səˌfɔrm/ adjective 1. sickle-shaped; falcate. falciform fal·ci·form (fāl’sə-fôrm’) adj. Curved and tapering to a point; sickle-shaped.

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