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photography using infrared-sensitive film that produces images in which heat-emitting areas or objects appear red.
plural noun
the flag of a country other than one’s own, especially when used deceptively:
sailing under false colors.
false or deceptive actions or statements; misrepresentation.
Pretense, misrepresentation, or hypocrisy; deceptive statements or actions. For example, She’s sailing under false colors—she claims to be a Republican, but endorses Democratic legislation. This term alludes to the practice of pirate ships sailing under false colors—that is, running a particular flag specifically to lure another vessel close enough to be captured. [ Late 1600s ]


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    noun 1. colour used in a computer or photographic display to help in interpreting the image, as in the use of red to show high temperatures and blue to show low temperatures in an infrared image converter

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    plural noun 1. a flag to which one is not entitled, flown esp in order to deceive: the ship was sailing under false colours 2. an assumed or misleading name or guise: to trade under false colours

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