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[fuh-mil-yuh l, -mil-ee-uh l] /fəˈmɪl yəl, -ˈmɪl i əl/

of, relating to, or characteristic of a :
familial ties.
appearing in individuals by heredity:
a familial disease.
of or relating to the family
occurring in the members of a family: a familial disease

from French familial, from Latin familia (see family). Meaning “hereditary” is from 1900; “family-like” is from 1903.

familial fa·mil·ial (fə-mĭl’yəl)
Occurring or tending to occur among family members, usually by heredity.


Read Also:

  • Familial aggregation

    familial aggregation n. Occurrence of a trait in more members of a family than can be readily accounted for by chance.

  • Familial amyloidosis

    familial amyloidosis n. A hereditary form of amyloidosis associated with familial Mediterranean fever, cold hypersensitivity, various patterns of neuropathy, or amyloid deposits in various organs.

  • Familial benign chronic pemphigus

    familial benign chronic pemphigus n. A recurrent blistering dermatitis, predominantly of the neck, groin, and armpit regions, characterized by vesicles and bullae that become crusted lesions with vesicular borders. Also called Hailey and Hailey disease.

  • Familial dysautonomia

    familial dysautonomia n. A congenital disorder involving the nervous system, especially the functioning of the autonomic nervous system, and including such symptoms as indifference to pain, diminished secretion of tears, poor vasomotor control, motor incoordination, difficulty in swallowing and emotional instability. Also called Riley-Day syndrome.

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