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Family skeleton

a closely guarded family secret


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  • Family-style

    adverb, adjective 1. (of a meal) with the serving platters on the table so that all present can serve themselves.

  • Family support

    noun 1. (NZ) a means-tested allowance for families in need

  • Family-therapy

    noun 1. the psychotherapeutic treatment of more than one member of a family simultaneously at the same session, based on the assumption that problems can best be understood and corrected by observing the interaction of family members and identifying methods for improving their interrelationships. noun 1. a form of psychotherapy in which the members of […]

  • Family-time

    noun, Television Informal. 1. . noun, Television Informal. 1. any broadcast period from 6 p.m. to 9 p.m. when programs of general interest to the family are broadcast. noun a time during the evening when families are together talking, working on homework, or being entertained

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