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[fuh-nat-uh-sahyz] /fəˈnæt əˌsaɪz/

verb (used with object), fanaticized, fanaticizing.
to make fanatical.
verb (used without object), fanaticized, fanaticizing.
to act with or show .
to make or become fanatical


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    [fan-bak] /ˈfænˌbæk/ adjective 1. (of a chair) having a fan-shaped . 2. (of a Windsor chair or the like) having a of vertical spindles out from seat to upper rail.

  • Fanbase

    /ˈfænˌbeɪs/ noun 1. the body of admirers of a particular pop singer, football team, etc

  • Fan-belt

    noun 1. (in automotive vehicles) a belt, driven by the crankshaft of an engine, that turns a fan for drawing cooling air through the radiator. noun 1. any belt that drives a fan, esp the belt that drives a cooling fan together with a dynamo or alternator in a car engine

  • Fanboi

    [fan-boi] /ˈfænˌbɔɪ/ noun, Informal: Often Disparaging. 1. an obsessive male fan, especially of something technological or from popular culture: Apple fanboys lined up to buy the new phone. noun

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