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Very elegant or ornate, esp pretentiously so; highfalutin: mostly fancy-schmancy Roman numbers like IIs and IIIs

[1970s+; fr the humorous and derisive Yiddish rhyming of a first word with a second one beginning shm-, as in ”Oedipusshmoedipus, just so he loves his mother”]


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  • Fancy-woman

    noun 1. an immoral woman, especially a man’s mistress. 2. a prostitute. noun 1. (slang) a mistress or prostitute

  • Fancywork

    [fan-see-wurk] /ˈfæn siˌwɜrk/ noun 1. ornamental needlework. /ˈfænsɪˌwɜːk/ noun 1. any ornamental needlework, such as embroidery or crochet

  • F and a

    fore and aft

  • Fan-dance

    noun 1. a solo dance performed by a nude or nearly nude woman using fans for covering. noun 1. a dance in which large fans are manipulated in front of the body, partially revealing or suggesting nakedness

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