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[fan-uh n] /ˈfæn ən/

noun, Ecclesiastical.
a maniple.
Also called orale. a striped scarflike vestment worn by the pope over the alb when celebrating solemn Pontifical Mass.
[fan-uh n; French fa-nawn] /ˈfæn ən; French faˈnɔ̃/
Frantz (Omar)
[frants oh-mahr;; French frahnts aw-mar] /frænts ˈoʊ mɑr;; French frɑ̃ts ɔˈmar/ (Show IPA), 1925–61, West Indian psychiatrist and political theorist, born in Martinique; in Algeria after 1953.
noun (RC Church)
a collar-shaped vestment worn by the pope when celebrating mass
(formerly) various pieces of embroidered fabric used in the liturgy


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