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(Scot) pretentious; ostentatious


Read Also:

  • Fan tracery

    noun 1. (architect) the carved ornamentation on fan vaulting

  • Fanum-fortunae

    [fey-nuh m fawr-too-nee, -tyoo-] /ˈfeɪ nəm fɔrˈtu ni, -ˈtyu-/ noun 1. ancient name of .

  • Fan-vault

    noun 1. a vault composed of a number of concave conoidal surfaces, usually four, springing from the corners of the vaulting compartment and touching or intersecting at the top, often decorated with ribs.

  • Fan-vaulting

    noun 1. a system of fan vaults. noun 1. (architect) vaulting having ribs that radiate like those of a fan and spring from the top of a capital or corbel Also called palm vaulting

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