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Far afield

Wide-ranging, at a distance, as in I started out identifying wild mushrooms, but since then I’ve gone far afield in other branches of botany. [ c. 1400 ]


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  • Far-and-near suture

    far-and-near suture n. A suture used to approximate fascial edges, in which alternate near and far stiches are used.

  • Farandole

    [far-uh n-dohl; French fa-rahn-dawl] /ˈfær ənˌdoʊl; French fa rɑ̃ˈdɔl/ noun, plural farandoles [far-uh n-dohlz; French fa-rahn-dawl] /ˈfær ənˌdoʊlz; French fa rɑ̃ˈdɔl/ (Show IPA) 1. a lively dance, of Provençal origin, in which all the dancers join hands and execute various figures. 2. the music for this dance. /ˈfærənˌdəʊl; French farɑ̃dɔl/ noun 1. a lively dance […]

  • Faraway

    [fahr-uh-wey] /ˈfɑr əˈweɪ/ adjective 1. distant; remote: faraway lands. 2. dreamy, preoccupied: a faraway look. /ˈfɑːrəˌweɪ/ adjective (far away when postpositive) 1. very distant; remote 2. dreamy or absent-minded adj. also far-away, 1816, from far + away.

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    Federal Assistance Review Board

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