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Far from

see under far cry from


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  • Far-flung

    [fahr-fluhng] /ˈfɑrˈflʌŋ/ adjective 1. extending over a great distance. 2. widely disbursed or distributed. adjective 1. widely distributed 2. far distant; remote adj. 1895, from far + past tense of fling.

  • Farthingale-chair

    noun 1. an English chair of c1600 having no arms, a straight and low back, and a high seat.

  • Fartlek

    [fahrt-lek] /ˈfɑrt lɛk/ noun 1. a training technique, used especially among runners, consisting of bursts of intense effort loosely alternating with less strenuous activity. /ˈfɑːtlɛk/ noun 1. (sport) another name for interval training n. 1952, Swedish, from fart “speed” (cf. Old Norse fara “to go, move;” see fare (v.)) + lek “play” (cf. Old Norse […]

  • Fart off

    verb phrase To waste time or goof off: a great spring day to fart off

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