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[fahrs-meet] /ˈfɑrsˌmit/

noun, Cookery.


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  • Farce-meat

    [fahrs-meet] /ˈfɑrsˌmit/ noun, Cookery. 1. .

  • Farceur

    [fahr-sur; French far-sœr] /fɑrˈsɜr; French farˈsœr/ noun, plural farceurs [fahr-surz; French far-sœr] /fɑrˈsɜrz; French farˈsœr/ (Show IPA) 1. a writer or director of or actor in farce. 2. a joker; wag. /farsœr/ noun 1. a writer of or performer in farces 2. a joker

  • Farceuse

    [French far-sœz] /French farˈsœz/ noun, plural farceuses [French far-sœz] /French farˈsœz/ (Show IPA) 1. a woman skilled in farce.

  • Farci

    [fahr-see; French far-see] /fɑrˈsi; French farˈsi/ adjective, Cookery. 1. filled with with seasoned bread crumbs or other savory matter; . /fɑːˈsiː/ adjective 1. (of food) stuffed

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