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a tract of land, usually with a house, barn, silo, etc., on which crops and often livestock are raised for livelihood.
land or water devoted to the raising of animals, fish, plants, etc.:
a pig farm; an oyster farm; a tree farm.
a similar, usually commercial, site where a product is manufactured or cultivated:
a cheese farm; a honey farm.
the system, method, or act of collecting revenue by leasing a territory in districts.
a country or district leased for the collection of revenue.
a fixed yearly amount accepted from a person in view of local or district taxes that he or she is authorized to collect.
a tract of land on which an industrial function is carried out, as the drilling or storage of oil or the generation of electricity by solar power.
English History.

the rent or income from leased property.
the condition of being leased at a fixed rent; possession under lease; a lease.

Also called farm team, farm club. Chiefly Baseball. a team in a minor league that is owned by or affiliated with a major-league team, for training or keeping players until ready or needed.
Obsolete. a fixed yearly amount payable in the form of rent, taxes, or the like.
to cultivate (land).
to take the proceeds or profits of (a tax, undertaking, etc.) on paying a fixed sum.
to let or lease (taxes, revenues, an enterprise, etc.) to another for a fixed sum or a percentage (often followed by out).
to let or lease the labor or services of (a person) for hire.
to contract for the maintenance of (a person, institution, etc.):
a county that farms its poor.
to cultivate the soil; operate a farm.
farm out,

to assign (work, privileges, or the like) to another by financial agreement; subcontract; lease:
The busy shipyard farmed out two construction jobs to a smaller yard.
to assign the care of (a child or dependent person) to another:
She farms her elderly aunt out to a retired nurse during the workweek.
Chiefly Baseball. to assign (a player) to a farm.
to exhaust (farmland) by overcropping.
to drill (oil or gas wells), especially by subcontract on land owned or leased by another.

buy the farm, Slang. to die or be killed.
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a tract of land, usually with house and buildings, cultivated as a unit or used to rear livestock
(as modifier): farm produce
(in combination): farmland

a unit of land or water devoted to the growing or rearing of some particular type of vegetable, fruit, animal, or fish: a fish farm
an installation for storage
a district of which one or more taxes are leased

a fixed sum paid by an individual or group for the right of collecting and retaining taxes, rents, etc
a fixed sum paid regularly by a town, county, etc, in lieu of taxes
the leasing of a source of revenue to an individual or group
a fixed tax, rent, etc, paid regularly


to cultivate (land)
to rear (stock, etc) on a farm

(intransitive) to engage in agricultural work, esp as a way of life
(transitive) to look after a child for a fixed sum

to collect the moneys due and retain the profits from (a tax district, business, etc) for a specified period on payment of a sum or sums
to operate (a franchise) under similar conditions


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