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[fahrm-land] /ˈfɑrmˌlænd/

under cultivation or capable of being cultivated:
to protect valuable farmland from erosion.
land used or suitable for farming

mid-14c., from farm (n.) + land (n.).


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  • Farmout

    [fahrm-out] /ˈfɑrmˌaʊt/ noun 1. an act or instance of farming out or leasing, as land for oil exploration. 2. something farmed out.

  • Farm-sitter

    [fahrm-sit-er] /ˈfɑrmˌsɪt ər/ noun, Canadian. 1. a person who takes temporary charge of a farm during the absence or incapacity of the owner.

  • Farmstead

    [fahrm-sted] /ˈfɑrmˌstɛd/ noun 1. a together with its buildings. /ˈfɑːmˌstɛd/ noun 1. a farm or the part of a farm comprising its main buildings together with adjacent grounds

  • Farm-system

    noun 1. any small-scale or localized network or industry that provides experience and exposure for beginners, similar to that of a baseball farm.

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