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An interesting, difficult, or unusual disease or condition

[1970s+ Medical; fr fascinating plus -oma, the suffix used to form the names of tumors]


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  • Fascinous

    adj. 1660s, “caused by witchcraft,” from Latin fascinum “charm, enchantment, witchcraft” (see fascinate) + -ous.

  • Fascio-

    fascio- pref. Fascia: fasciotomy.

  • Fasciodesis

    fasciodesis fas·ci·od·e·sis (fāsh’ē-ŏd’ĭ-sĭs, fās’-) n. Surgical attachment of fascia to another or to a tendon.

  • Fasciola

    fasciola fas·ci·o·la (fə-sē’ə-lə, -sī’-) n. pl. fas·ci·o·lae (-lē’) A small band or group of fibers. Fasciola n. A genus of large digenetic liver flukes that infect mammals.

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