observant of or conforming to the ; stylish:
a fashionable young woman.
of, characteristic of, used, or patronized by the world of :
a fashionable shop.
current; popular:
a fashionable topic of conversation.
a fashionable person.
Contemporary Examples

In the fashionable shopping district of Damascus the atmosphere is somber.
Gay Syrian Blogger a Hoax? Asne Seierstad June 5, 2011

Once a staple of grunge, Birkenstocks have reemerged as a fashionable item for spring.
Are Birkenstocks Cool Again? Céline, Giambattista Valli & More (PHOTOS) Misty White Sidell November 26, 2012

They also were dubbed “the prettiest boys in rock” for their fashionable image and glamorous music videos shot in exotic locales.
Duran Duran on 30th Anniversary of ‘Rio,’ the Olympics, James Bond, and More Marlow Stern July 2, 2012

This idea of doing something contemporary and fashionable was very new.
Judith Clark on Cecil Beaton’s Revolutionary Fashion Exhibit Liza Foreman March 11, 2014

Once in London, Frederick presented himself as a fashionable man about town, entertaining freely and informally.
How To Be a King, Circa 1749 Tom Sykes February 26, 2014

Historical Examples

Who will say that the fashionable public school was of no use to me after that?
A Rogue’s Life Wilkie Collins

But quizzing is now so fashionable—nobody can be angry with any body.
Tales And Novels, Volume 4 (of 10) Maria Edgeworth

This was the centre of the fashionable residence district in the old days, and the walk along the north side was the “Beaux Walk.”
The Charm of Ireland Burton Egbert Stevenson

Could it be possible for a fashionable charity to be anything but what it appeared to be?
Roden’s Corner Henry Seton Merriman

We dont seem to be moving into the fashionable quarter, monsieur, said Bertrand.
The Milkmaid of Montfermeil (Novels of Paul de Kock Volume XX) Charles Paul de Kock

conforming to fashion; in vogue
of, characteristic of, or patronized by people of fashion: a fashionable café
(usually foll by with) patronized (by); popular (with)

“stylish,” c.1600, “capable of being fashioned,” also “conformable to prevailing tastes,” from fashion + -able. Related: Fashionably.

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