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Also called express lane. the lane of a multilane roadway that is used by fast-moving vehicles, as when passing slower traffic.
Informal. any scene, activity, or pursuit that is exciting, high-pressured, competitive, swift-moving, and sometimes dissipated or dangerous:
Alcoholism and stress are often the price for living life in the fast lane.
the outside lane on a motorway or dual carriageway for vehicles overtaking or travelling at high speed
(informal) the quickest but most competitive route to success


: its glittery fast-lane image/ New York’s fast-track, high-yield high culture

noun phrase

A pace and quality of life emphasizing quick success against strong competition, along with the trappings of wealth and style: amazing woman, lives on a fast lane/ Jean Piaget started academic life on a fast track/ certainly influenced the 1960s expression ”life in the fast lane”

[1960s+; fr the left-hand or fast lane of a superhighway, which slower drivers enter at their risk, and a horse-racing track in good, dry condition]
Also, life in the fast lane. A lifestyle that involves free spending and self-indulgence, and sometimes also dissipation and danger. For example, They’re finding that life in the fast lane can be very stressful. This term alludes to the highway express lane used by faster vehicles to pass slower ones. [ ; c. 1970 ]
Also see: fast track


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