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[fah-th er-lee] /ˈfɑ ðər li/

of, like, or befitting a .
Obsolete. in the manner of a .
of, resembling, or suitable to a father

Old English fæderlic; see from father (n.) + -ly (1).


Read Also:

  • Father of his country

    A title given to George Washington in recognition of his military leadership in the Revolutionary War and his service as first president under the Constitution.

  • Father of the chapel

    noun 1. (in British trade unions in the publishing and printing industries) a shop steward FoC

  • Father of the house

    noun 1. (in Britain) the longest-serving member of the House of Commons

  • Father-substitute

    noun, Psychology. 1. a male who replaces an absent father and becomes an object of attachment.

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