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[fat-n] /ˈfæt n/

verb (used with object)
to make fat.
to feed (animals) abundantly before slaughter.
to enrich:
to fatten the soil; to fatten one’s pocketbook.

verb (used without object)
to grow .
to grow or cause to grow fat or fatter
(transitive) to cause (an animal or fowl) to become fat by feeding it
(transitive) to make fuller or richer
(transitive) to enrich (soil) by adding fertilizing agents

“that makes fat,” 1690s, present participle adjective from fatten. Earlier word was fatting (1530s).

1550s, from fat + -en (1). Related: Fattened. The earlier verb was simply fat (Old English fættian “to become fat, fatten”); e.g. fatted calf.


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