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noun, Pathology.
deterioration of the cells of the body, accompanied by the formation of fat globules within the diseased cells.
(pathol) the abnormal formation of tiny globules of fat within the cytoplasm of a cell

fatty degeneration n.
The accumulation of fat globules within the cells of an organ, such as the liver or heart, resulting in deterioration of tissue and diminished functioning of the affected organ. Also called adipose degeneration, steatosis.


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  • Fatty heart

    fatty heart n.

  • Fatty hernia

    fatty hernia n. See pannicular hernia.

  • Fatty infiltration

    fatty infiltration n. The abnormal accumulation of fat droplets in the cytoplasm of cells.

  • Fatty kidney

    fatty kidney n. A kidney in which there is a fatty change in the parenchymal cells, especially a fatty degeneration.

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