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[fou-stuh s, faw-] /ˈfaʊ stəs, ˈfɔ-/



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  • Faut

    /fɔːt/ noun, verb 1. a Scot word for fault

  • Faute-de-mieux

    [foht duh myœ] /foʊt də ˈmyœ/ adverb, adjective, French. 1. for lack of something better. /fot də mjø; English ˌfəʊt də ˈmjɜː/ uknown 1. for lack of anything better

  • Fauteuil

    [foh-til; French foh-tœ-yuh] /ˈfoʊ tɪl; French foʊˈtœ yə/ noun, plural fauteuils [foh-tilz; French foh-tœ-yuh] /ˈfoʊ tɪlz; French foʊˈtœ yə/ (Show IPA) 1. French Furniture. an upholstered armchair, especially one with open sides. /ˈfəʊtɜːɪ; French fotœj/ noun 1. an armchair, the sides of which are not upholstered

  • Fauve

    [fohv] /foʊv/ noun 1. (sometimes lowercase) any of a group of French artists of the early 20th century whose works are characterized chiefly by the use of vivid colors in immediate juxtaposition and contours usually in marked contrast to the color of the area defined. /French fov/ noun 1. one of a group of French […]

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