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a day, especially a church holiday, for feasting and rejoicing.


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  • Feaster

    [feest] /fist/ noun 1. any rich or abundant meal: The steak dinner was a feast. 2. a sumptuous entertainment or meal for many guests: a wedding feast. 3. something highly agreeable: The Rembrandt exhibition was a feast for the eyes. 4. a periodical celebration or time of celebration, usually of a religious nature, commemorating an […]

  • Feast-of-booths

    noun 1. . [Sephardic Hebrew soo-kawt; Ashkenazic Hebrew, English soo k-uh s, soo-kohs] /Sephardic Hebrew suˈkɔt; Ashkenazic Hebrew, English ˈsʊk əs, suˈkoʊs/ noun 1. a Jewish festival beginning on the 15th day of the month of Tishri and celebrated for nine days by Orthodox and Conservative Jews outside of Israel and for eight days by […]

  • Feast-of-dedication

    noun 1. . noun 1. (Judaism) a literal translation of Chanukah

  • Feast-of-fools

    noun 1. (especially in France) a mock-religious celebration in the Middle Ages, held on or about January 1.

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