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[fi-brif-ik] /fɪˈbrɪf ɪk/

producing or marked by fever.
causing or having a fever


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  • Febrifugal

    [fi-brif-yuh-guh l, feb-ruh-fyoo-guh l] /fɪˈbrɪf yə gəl, ˌfɛb rəˈfyu gəl/ adjective 1. of or acting as a .

  • Febrifuge

    [feb-ruh-fyooj] /ˈfɛb rəˌfyudʒ/ adjective 1. serving to dispel or reduce fever, as a medicine. noun 2. such a medicine or agent. 3. a cooling drink. /ˈfɛbrɪˌfjuːdʒ/ noun 1. any drug or agent for reducing fever adjective 2. serving to reduce fever n. 1680s, from French fébrifuge, literally “driving fever away,” from Latin febris (see fever) […]

  • Febrile

    [fee-bruh l, feb-ruh l or, esp. British, fee-brahyl] /ˈfi brəl, ˈfɛb rəl or, esp. British, ˈfi braɪl/ adjective 1. pertaining to or marked by fever; feverish. /ˈfiːbraɪl/ adjective 1. of or relating to fever; feverish adj. 1650s, from Medieval Latin febrilis “pertaining to fever,” from Latin febris “a fever” (see fever). febrile feb·rile (fěb’rəl, fē’brəl) […]

  • Febrile convulsion

    febrile convulsion n. A convulsion accompanying high fever in infants and young children.

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