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  • Federal-bureau-of-investigation

    noun 1. . noun 1. See FBI Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI) An agency of the United States federal government, long headed by J. Edgar Hoover, which investigates violations of federal (rather than state or local) laws, including kidnaping, smuggling narcotics, and espionage. Note: Established in 1908 under the Department of Justice, the FBI earned […]

  • Federal-capital-territory

    noun 1. former name of . noun 1. an administrative division of Nigeria, in the centre. Capital: Abuja (also national capital). Pop: 1 405 201(2006). Area: 7315 sq km (2824 sq miles) 2. the former name of Australian Capital Territory

  • Federal-case

    noun 1. a matter that falls within the jurisdiction of a federal court or a federal law-enforcement agency. Idioms 2. make a federal case (out) of, Informal. to exaggerate the importance of or make an issue out of (something trivial). Related Terms make a federal case out of something

  • Federal-communications-commission

    noun 1. .

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