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Feet on the ground

see: both feet on the ground


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  • Feeze

    [feez, feyz] /fiz, feɪz/ noun, Dialect. 1. a state of vexation or worry. 2. a violent rush or impact. /fiːz/ verb 1. (transitive) to beat 2. to drive off 3. (mainly US) to disconcert; worry noun 4. a rush 5. (mainly US) a state of agitation

  • Fef

    FEF abbr. forced expiratory flow forced expiratory flow

  • Fegelah

    adjective phrase Surfeited or overdosed with caffeine (1980s+ Students)

  • Feh

    interjection an expression of disgust, disapproval, displeasure Examples You ate peanut butter? Feh! Word Origin Yiddish interjection An exclamation of disgust: Thus, soccer. Feh/ Well, fehh, Petro thinks that Dr Scholl’s spray seems to work [1950s+; fr Yiddish]

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