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[feynd] /feɪnd/

pretended; sham; counterfeit:
feigned enthusiasm.
assumed; fictitious:
a feigned name.
a feigned voice.


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    [feyn] /feɪn/ verb (used with object) 1. to represent fictitiously; put on an appearance of: to feign sickness. 2. to invent fictitiously or deceptively, as a story or an excuse. 3. to imitate deceptively: to feign another’s voice. verb (used without object) 4. to make believe; pretend: She’s only feigning, she isn’t really ill. /feɪn/ […]

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    [verb fed-uh-reyt; adjective fed-er-it] /verb ˈfɛd əˌreɪt; adjective ˈfɛd ər ɪt/ verb (used with or without object), federated, federating. 1. to unite in a . 2. to organize on a basis. adjective 3. federated; allied. verb (ˈfɛdəˌreɪt) 1. to unite or cause to unite in a federal union adjective (ˈfɛdərɪt) 2. federal; federated v. 1814 […]

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    noun 1. official name of .

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