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1 (def 1c).


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  • Feline-leukemia-virus

    noun 1. a retrovirus, mainly affecting cats, that depresses the immune system and leads to opportunistic infections, lymphosarcoma, and other disorders. Abbreviation: FeLV, FLV.

  • Felinity

    [fee-lahyn] /ˈfi laɪn/ adjective 1. belonging or pertaining to the cat family, Felidae. 2. catlike; characteristic of animals of the cat family: a feline tread. 3. sly, stealthy, or treacherous. noun 4. an animal of the cat family. /ˈfiːlaɪn/ adjective 1. of, relating to, or belonging to the Felidae, a family of predatory mammals, including […]

  • Felipe

    [fe-lee-pe] /fɛˈli pɛ/ noun 1. León (Camino) [le-awn kah-mee-naw] /lɛˈɔn kɑˈmi nɔ/ (Show IPA), 1884–1968, Spanish poet, in South America after 1939.

  • Felix

    [fee-liks] /ˈfi lɪks/ noun 1. a male given name: from a Latin word meaning “happy, lucky.”. noun 1. Saint, died a.d. 274, pope 269–274. noun 1. Saint, died a.d. 492, pope 483–492. noun 1. Saint, died a.d. 530, pope 526–530. [vahyn-gahrt-nuh r] /ˈvaɪnˌgɑrt nər/ noun 1. (Paul) Felix (Edler von Münzberg) [poul fey-liks eyd-luh r […]

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