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[fen-ser] /ˈfɛn sər/

a person who practices the art of with a sword, foil, etc.
a person who .
a horse trained to jump barriers, as for show or sport.
Australian. a person who builds or repairs .
a person who fights with a sword, esp one who practises the art of fencing
(mainly Austral & NZ) a person who erects and repairs fences


Read Also:

  • Fencerow

    [fens-roh] /ˈfɛnsˌroʊ/ noun 1. the uncultivated land on each side of and below a fence. 2. any uncultivated strip of land within a field, farm, etc.

  • Fence-sitter

    [fens-sit-er] /ˈfɛnsˌsɪt ər/ noun 1. a person who remains neutral or undecided in a controversy.

  • Fence-straddler

    noun Mugwump (1940s+)

  • Fence with

    Avoid answering directly, try to evade, as in The mayor was very clever at fencing with the press about his future plans. This expression transfers the parry and thrust of fencing to a verbal exchange. [ Second half of 1600s ]

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