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Fenestra of cochlea

fenestra of cochlea n.
See round window.


Read Also:

  • Fenestra of vestibule

    fenestra of vestibule n. See oval window.

  • Fenestrated

    [fen-uh-strey-tid, fi-nes-trey-] /ˈfɛn əˌstreɪ tɪd, fɪˈnɛs treɪ-/ adjective, Architecture. 1. having windows; windowed; characterized by windows. /fɪˈnɛsˌtreɪtɪd; ˈfɛnɪˌstreɪtɪd/ adjective 1. (architect) having windows or window-like openings 2. (biology) perforated or having fenestrae fenestrated fen·es·trat·ed (fěn’ĭ-strā’tĭd) or fen·es·trate (fěn’ĭ-strāt’, fĭ-něs’trāt’) adj. Having fenestrae or windowlike openings.

  • Fenestrated capillary

    fenestrated capillary n. A blood capillary found in renal glomeruli, intestinal villi, and some glands, in which ultramicroscopic pores of variable size occur.

  • Fenestrated membrane

    fenestrated membrane n. A sheetlike elastic membrane of the laminae of large arteries made up of fused elastic fibers.

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