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[fee-nee-uh n, feen-yuh n] /ˈfi ni ən, ˈfin yən/

a member of an Irish revolutionary organization founded in New York in 1858, which worked for the establishment of an independent Irish republic.
(in late Irish legends) a member of a group of warriors always ready to defend Ireland against its enemies.
(formerly) a member of an Irish revolutionary organization founded in the US in the 19th century to fight for an independent Ireland
(Irish myth) one of the Fianna
(derogatory, offensive) an Irish Catholic or a person of Irish Catholic descent
of or relating to the Fenians

1816, blend of Old Irish feinne, plural of fiann, name of a band of Irish warriors + Old Irish Fene, name of the ancient inhabitants of Ireland. Reference to Irish-American brotherhood of that name first attested 1864.


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