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[fer-ee-ij] /ˈfɛr i ɪdʒ/

conveyance or transportation by a ferryboat.
the fare charged for .
transportation by ferry
the fee charged for passage on a ferry


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  • Ferric

    [fer-ik] /ˈfɛr ɪk/ adjective, Chemistry. 1. of or containing iron, especially in the trivalent state. /ˈfɛrɪk/ adjective 1. of or containing iron in the trivalent state: ferric oxide; designating an iron (III) compound adj. 1799, from Latin ferrum “iron” (see ferro-) + -ic. Of iron, especially with a valence of three. ferric fer·ric (fěr’ĭk) adj. […]

  • Ferric-ammonium-oxalate

    noun, Chemistry. 1. a green, crystalline, water-soluble, synthetically produced powder, (NH 4) 3 Fe(C 2 O 4) 3 ⋅3H 2 O, used chiefly in the manufacture of blueprint paper.

  • Ferric-chloride

    noun, Chemistry. 1. a compound that in its anhydrous form, FeCl 3 , occurs as a black-brown, water-soluble solid; in its hydrated form, FeCl 3 ⋅xH 2 O, it occurs in orange-yellow, deliquescent crystals: used chiefly in engraving, for deodorizing sewage, as a mordant, and in medicine as an astringent and styptic.

  • Ferric chloride test

    ferric chloride test n. A test for phenylketonuria in which ferric chloride is added to urine and turns the urine blue-green when phenylketonuria is present.

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