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Fetal distress syndrome

fetal distress syndrome n.
An abnormal condition of a fetus during gestation or at the time of delivery, marked by altered heart rate or rhythm and leading to compromised blood flow or changes in blood chemistry.


Read Also:

  • Fetal dystocia

    fetal dystocia n. A difficult delivery due to an abnormality in the shape, size, or position of the fetus.

  • Fetal hemoglobin

    fetal hemoglobin n. The predominant form of hemoglobin in a fetus and a newborn. Normally present in small amounts in an adult, it may be abnormally elevated in certain forms of anemia.

  • Fetal hydrops

    fetal hydrops n. The abnormal accumulation of serous fluid in fetal tissues, usually fatal to the fetus.

  • Fetal medicine

    fetal medicine n. The branch of medicine that deals with the growth, development, care, and treatment of the fetus and with environmental factors that may harm the fetus.

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