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fetoglobulin fe·to·glob·u·lin (fē’tə-glŏb’yə-lĭn)
Any of the plasma globulins of unknown function occurring in small amounts in normal adults and in larger amounts in the fetus, especially in the second trimester of development.


Read Also:

  • Fetography

    fetography fe·tog·ra·phy (fē-tŏg’rə-fē) n. Radiography of the fetus within the uterus.

  • Fetology

    [fee-tol-uh-jee] /fiˈtɒl ə dʒi/ noun 1. a field of medicine involving the study, diagnosis, and treatment of the . fetology fe·tol·o·gy (fē-tŏl’ə-jē) n. The branch of medicine concerned with the study, diagnosis, and treatment of the fetus, especially within the uterus.

  • Fetometry

    fetometry fe·tom·e·try (fē-tŏm’ĭ-trē) n. Estimation of the size of the fetus, especially of its head, before delivery.

  • Fetopathy

    fetopathy fe·top·a·thy (fē-tŏp’ə-thē) n. Disease in a fetus after the mother’s third month of pregnancy.

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