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of, relating to, or like the , or its political, military, social, and economic structure.
of or relating to the Middle Ages.
of, relating to, or of the nature of a fief or fee:
a feudal estate.
of or relating to the holding of land in a fief or fee.
Contemporary Examples

Just as Florence and the Renaissance loosened the grip of the feudal lords and “focused on the worth of a human being,” she said.
The New Activism Tom Watson November 4, 2009

Of the Last Samurai he said, “They make it look like Japan would not have made it out of the feudal period without Tom Cruise.”
Can ‘Belle’ End Hollywood’s Obsession with the White Savior? Keli Goff May 3, 2014

feudal families held much of the power in an untamed empire of mercenary armies warring for control of small sections of land.
This Week’s Hot Reads: April 8, 2013 G. Clay Whittaker April 8, 2013

Mueenuddin distances himself from the “feudal” label, with its whiff of entitlement and oppression.
Pakistan’s New Literary Star Richard McGill Murphy February 22, 2009

Millions of Chinese were persecuted, especially intellectuals labeled “revisionist,” feudal, or bourgeois.
China’s Leader Breaks a Taboo Melinda Liu November 5, 2011

Historical Examples

The feudal castle is in ruins, but the aspect of the city is just the same.
Life of St. Francis of Assisi Paul Sabatier

The ancient castles of England were the central feature of feudal society.
English Villages P. H. Ditchfield

Adscript, ad′skript, adj. written after: attached to the soil, of feudal serfs—in this sense also used as a noun.
Chambers’s Twentieth Century Dictionary (part 1 of 4: A-D) Various

They perceive the materials of the feudal institutions, but they miss the cement.
Ancient Law Sir Henry James Sumner Maine

The vassals of the feudal lord entered into his quarrels with the most inexorable rage.
The Lusiad Lus de Cames

of, resembling, relating to, or characteristic of feudalism or its institutions
of, characteristic of, or relating to a fief Compare allodial
(derogatory) old-fashioned, reactionary, etc
of or relating to a feud or quarrel

1610s, from Medieval Latin feudalis, from feudum “feudal estate,” of Germanic origin (cf. Gothic faihu “property,” Old High German fihu “cattle;” see fee). Related to Middle English feodary “one who holds lands of an overlord in exchange for service” (late 14c.).


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