[“Functional Programming and the Logical Variable”, G. Lindstrom, POPL 1985, pp. 266-280].

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  • Fgm

    female genital mutilation

  • FGP

    1. Foster Grandparent Program.

  • Fgraal

    Fortran extended GRAph Algorithmic Language. A Fortran extension for handling sets and graphs. “On a Programming Language for Graph Algorithms”, W.C. Rheinboldt et al, BIT 12(2) 1972.

  • Fgrep

    tool A variant of the Unix grep command which searches for fixed (uninterpreted) strings rather than regular expressions. Surprisingly, this is not always faster. (1996-10-27)

  • FGT

    1. federal gift tax. FGT abbr. female genital tract

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