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[fahy-bril-uh, fi-] /faɪˈbrɪl ə, fɪ-/

noun, plural fibrillae
[fahy-bril-ee, fi-] /faɪˈbrɪl i, fɪ-/ (Show IPA)
a fibril.


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  • Fibrillar

    [fahy-bruh l, fib-ruh l] /ˈfaɪ brəl, ˈfɪb rəl/ noun 1. a small or fine fiber or filament. 2. Botany. any of the delicate hairs on the young roots of some plants. 3. Cell Biology. any threadlike structure or filament. /ˈfaɪbrɪl/ noun (pl) -brils, -brillae (-ˈbrɪliː) 1. a small fibre or part of a fibre 2. […]

  • Fibrillary contractions

    fibrillary contractions pl.n. Abnormal contractions occurring spontaneously in individual muscle fibers, commonly seen a few days after damage to the motor nerves supplying the muscle.

  • Fibrillate

    [fahy-bruh-leyt, fib-ruh-] /ˈfaɪ brəˌleɪt, ˈfɪb rə-/ verb (used with object), fibrillated, fibrillating. 1. to cause to undergo . verb (used without object), fibrillated, fibrillating. 2. to undergo . v. c.1840, from fibrilla (see fibril) + -ate (2). Related: Fibrillated; fibrillating. fibrillate fib·ril·late (fĭb’rə-lāt’, fī’brə-) v. fib·ril·lat·ed, fib·ril·lat·ing, fib·ril·lates adj. Being fibrillated.

  • Fibrillary tremor

    fibrillary tremor n. Isolated twitching of the fine strands or fasciculi of a muscle.

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