fibrocellular fi·bro·cel·lu·lar (fī’brō-sěl’yə-lər)
Both fibrous and cellular.

Read Also:

  • Fibrocement

    /ˌfaɪbrəʊsɪˈmɛnt/ noun 1. (formerly) cement combined with asbestos fibre, used esp in sheets for building

  • Fibrochondritis

    fibrochondritis fi·bro·chon·dri·tis (fī’brō-kŏn-drī’tĭs) n. Inflammation of a fibrocartilage.

  • Fibrochondroma

    fibrochondroma fi·bro·chon·dro·ma (fī’brō-kŏn-drō’mə) n. A benign neoplasm of cartilaginous tissue in which there is an abnormally large amount of fibrous stroma.

  • Fibrocyst

    fibrocyst fi·bro·cyst (fī’brə-sĭst’) n. A cystic lesion that is circumscribed by or situated within a conspicuous amount of fibrous connective tissue.

  • Fibrocystic

    [fahy-broh-sis-tik] /ˌfaɪ broʊˈsɪs tɪk/ adjective 1. showing or having the increased fibrosis associated with dilated glandular structure, as in the breast nodules of . fibrocystic fi·bro·cys·tic (fī’brō-sĭs’tĭk) adj. Characterized by increased fibrosis and cystic spaces, especially in glandular tissue.

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