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[fahy-broh-in] /ˈfaɪ broʊ ɪn/

noun, Biochemistry.
an indigestible protein that is a principal component of spider webs and silk.
a tough elastic protein that is the principal component of spiders’ webs and raw silk


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  • Fibrolamellar liver cell carcinoma

    fibrolamellar liver cell carcinoma fi·bro·la·mel·lar liver cell carcinoma (fī’brō-lə-měl’ər) n. Carcinoma of the liver in which malignant hepatocytes are intersected by fibrous lamellated bands.

  • Fibroleiomyoma

    fibroleiomyoma fi·bro·lei·o·my·o·ma (fī’brō-lī’ō-mī-ō’mə) n. A leiomyoma containing nonneoplastic collagenous fibrous tissue. Also called leiomyofibroma, fibroid.

  • Fibrolipoma

    fibrolipoma fi·bro·li·po·ma (fī’brō-lĭ-pō’mə, -lī-) n. A lipoma having an abundant amount of fibrous tissue.

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    [fahy-broh-muh] /faɪˈbroʊ mə/ noun, plural fibromas, fibromata [fahy-broh-muh-tuh] /faɪˈbroʊ mə tə/ (Show IPA). Pathology. 1. a tumor consisting essentially of fibrous tissue. /faɪˈbrəʊmə/ noun (pl) -mata (-mətə), -mas 1. a benign tumour derived from fibrous connective tissue fibroma fi·bro·ma (fī-brō’mə) n. pl. fi·bro·mas or fi·bro·ma·ta (-mə-tə) A benign neoplasm composed of fibrous connective tissue. fi·brom’a·tous […]

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