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[fahy-bruh s] /ˈfaɪ brəs/

containing, consisting of, or resembling .
consisting of, containing, or resembling fibres: fibrous tissue

1620s, from Modern Latin fibrosus, from Latin fibra (see fiber).

fibrous fi·brous (fī’brəs)
Composed of or characterized by fibroblasts, fibrils, or connective tissue fibers.

fibrous adjective


Read Also:

  • Fibrous ankylosis

    fibrous ankylosis n. Stiffening of a joint due to the presence of fibrous bands between and about the bones forming the joint. Also called false ankylosis, pseudankylosis.

  • Fibrous astrocyte

    fibrous astrocyte or fibrillary astrocyte n. A stellate cell with long processes found in the white matter of the brain and spinal cord and characterized by bundles of fine filaments in its cytoplasm.

  • Fibrous capsule

    fibrous capsule n. A capsule of fibrous cells or tissue, as that surrounding the kidney and thyroid.

  • Fibrous cortical defect

    fibrous cortical defect n. A common small defect of a bone, in which the cortex is filled with fibrous tissue, occurring most frequently in the lower femoral shaft of a child. Also called nonosteogenic fibroma.

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