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a chair back having a solid splat similar in form to that of a fiddle.
a chair with a fiddle-shaped back
a chasuble with a fiddle-shaped front


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    noun 1. .

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    [boh for 1, 2; bou for 3] /boʊ for 1, 2; baʊ for 3/ noun 1. a bow with which the strings of the violin or a similar instrument are set in vibration. 2. a bow for driving the arbor of a small lathe, as one used by watchmakers. 3. Nautical. .

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    [fid-l-di-dee] /ˌfɪd l dɪˈdi/ interjection 1. (used to express irritation, dismissive indifference, or scorn.) /ˌfɪdəldɪˈdiː/ interjection 1. (rare) an exclamation of impatience, disbelief, or disagreement

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