[fid-l-foo t-id] /ˈfɪd lˌfʊt ɪd/

adjective, Informal.
restlessly wandering.

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  • Fiddlefucking

    adjective Particular and accursed; damn •Used for vehement and vulgar emphasis: Not one swingin’ dick will be leavin’ this fiddlefuckin’ area (1960s+)

  • Fiddle-pattern

    noun 1. a pattern of spoon or fork having a handle that narrows abruptly from a broad, flat upper part and terminates with a pronounced shoulder above the bowl or tines. noun 1. the style of a spoon or fork with a violin-shaped handle

  • Fiddlehead

    [fid-l-hed] /ˈfɪd lˌhɛd/ noun 1. Nautical. a billethead having a form similar to the volute carved at the upper end of a violin. 2. the young, coiled frond of various species of ferns, eaten as a vegetable. /ˈfɪdəlˌhɛd/ noun 1. (nautical) an ornamental carving, in the shape of the scroll at the head end of […]

  • Fiddler

    [fid-ler] /ˈfɪd lər/ noun 1. a person who plays a . 2. a person who dawdles or trifles. /ˈfɪdlə/ noun 1. a person who plays the fiddle, esp in folk music 2. See fiddler crab 3. a person who wastes time or acts aimlessly 4. (informal) a cheat or petty rogue n. late 13c., from […]

  • Fiddler-beetle

    noun 1. a black scarab beetle, Eupoecila australasiae, having markings resembling a violin.

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