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the entire view encompassed by the eye when it is trained in any particular direction.


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  • Field-pea

    noun 1. a variety of the common pea, Pisum sativum arvense, grown for forage and silage.

  • Field penny-cress

    noun 1. the common penny-cress, Thlaspi arvense.

  • Fieldpiece

    /ˈfiːldˌpiːs/ noun 1. a former name for field gun

  • Field-poppy

    noun 1. . noun 1. a common Old World poppy, Papaver rhoeas, having bright-red flowers. noun 1. a poppy, Papaver rhoeas, that has bright red flowers and grows in cornfields. Since World War I it has been the symbol of fallen soldiers Also called coquelicot, Flanders poppy, field poppy noun 1. another name for corn […]

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