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noun, Physics.
the vector sum of all forces exerted by a field on a unit mass, unit charge, unit magnetic pole, etc., at a given point within the field.
(radio, television) the intensity of an electromagnetic wave at any point in the area covered by a radio or television transmitter
(physics) the intensity of an electric or magnetic field See intensity


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  • Field-strip

    [feeld-strip] /ˈfildˌstrɪp/ verb (used with object), field-stripped or (Rare) field-stript, field-stripping. Military. 1. to take apart (a weapon) for cleaning, lubrication, and repair or for inspection. 2. to roll up the paper and scatter the tobacco of (a cigarette butt).

  • Field study

    noun 1. (often pl) a research project carried out in the field See field (sense 11)

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    [feeld-test] /ˈfildˌtɛst/ verb (used with object) 1. to test (a device or product) under various conditions of actual use.

  • Field-theory

    noun, Physics. 1. a detailed mathematical description of the distribution and movement of matter under the influence of one or more fields. field theory

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