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[feers] /fɪərs/

adjective, fiercer, fiercest.
menacingly wild, savage, or hostile:
fierce animals; a fierce look.
violent in force, intensity, etc.:
fierce winds.
furiously eager or intense:
fierce competition.
Informal. extremely bad or severe:
a fierce cold.
having a violent and unrestrained nature; savage: a fierce dog
wild or turbulent in force, action, or intensity: a fierce storm
vehement, intense, or strong: fierce competition
(informal) very disagreeable or unpleasant

mid-13c., “proud, noble, bold,” from Old French fers, nominative form of fer, fier “strong, overwhelming, violent, fierce, wild; proud, mighty, great, impressive” (Modern French fier “proud, haughty”), from Latin ferus “wild, untamed,” from PIE root *ghwer- “wild, wild animal” (cf. Greek ther, Old Church Slavonic zveri, Lithuanian zveris “wild beast”).

Original English sense of “brave, proud” died out 16c., but caused the word at first to be commonly used as an epithet, which accounts for the rare instance of a French word entering English in the nominative case. Meaning “ferocious, wild, savage” is from c.1300. Related: Fiercely; fierceness.


Nasty; unpleasant; awful: Gee, it was fierce of me (1903+)

Related Terms

something fierce


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