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[fyes-tah th e taw-raws; English fee-es-tuh dey tawr-ohs, tohr-] /ˈfyɛs tɑ ðɛ ˈtɔ rɔs; English fiˈɛs tə deɪ ˈtɔr oʊs, ˈtoʊr-/

noun, plural fiestas de toros
[fyes-tahs th e taw-raws; English fee-es-tuh z dey tawr-ohs, tohr-] /ˈfyɛs tɑs ðɛ ˈtɔ rɔs; English fiˈɛs təz deɪ ˈtɔr oʊs, ˈtoʊr-/ (Show IPA). Spanish.
a bullfight; corrida.


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