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Fighting top

one of the gun platforms on the lower masts of sailing men-of-war, used in attacking the crew of an enemy ship with swivel guns and muskets


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    noun 1. Usually, fighting words. language that arouses rage in an antagonist.

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    messaging A distortion of FidoNet, often applied after a flurry of flamage in a particular echo, especially the SYSOP echo or Fidonews (see ‘Snooze). [Jargon File] (1996-11-04)

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    [fahyt-awr-flahyt] /ˈfaɪt ɔrˈflaɪt/ noun, Physiology, Psychology. 1. the response of the sympathetic nervous system to a stressful event, preparing the body to fight or flee, associated with the adrenal secretion of epinephrine and characterized by increased heart rate, increased blood flow to the brain and muscles, raised sugar levels, sweaty palms and soles, dilated pupils, […]

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