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File attach

[FidoNet] 1. A file sent along with a mail message from one BBS to another.
2. Sending someone a file by using the File Attach option in a BBS mailer.
[Jargon File]


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  • File-band

    noun 1. an endless steel band to which straight lengths of steel files are attached, used on a band mill or band saw.

  • Filecard

    /ˈfaɪlˌkɑːd/ noun 1. a type of brush with sharp steel bristles, used for cleaning the teeth of a file

  • File-card

    noun 1. a card of a size suitable for filing, typically 3 × 5 inches (7.62 × 12.7 cm) or 4 × 6 inches (10.16 × 15.24 cm).

  • File-clerk

    noun 1. an office employee whose principal work is to file and retrieve papers, records, etc.

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