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[fil-muh-buh l] /ˈfɪl mə bəl/

noting or pertaining to a story or to a literary work readily adaptable to motion picture form.


Read Also:

  • Film-badge

    noun 1. a badgelike device that, when processed, indicates whether a dose of radiation has been received: worn by workers subject to radiation exposure.

  • Filmcard

    [film-kahrd] /ˈfɪlmˌkɑrd/ noun 1. .

  • Film-clip

    noun 1. a strip of motion-picture film, especially an excerpt from a longer film or one inserted as part of another presentation, as of a telecast or full-length motion picture.

  • Film colour

    noun 1. (physiol) a misty appearance produced when no lines or edges are present in the visual field

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