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[fil-treyt] /ˈfɪl treɪt/

verb (used with or without object), filtrated, filtrating.
to .
liquid that has been passed through a .
the act or process of filtering
a liquid or gas that has been filtered
another name for filter (sense 7)

c.1600, perhaps from French filtration (1570s), noun of action from filter “to filter” (see filter (v.)).

1610s, probably a back-formation from filtration. As a noun, from 1846.

filtration fil·tra·tion (fĭl-trā’shən)
The process of passing a liquid through a filter.

filtrate fil·trate (fĭl’trāt’)
v. fil·trat·ed, fil·trat·ing, fil·trates
To put or go through a filter. n.
Material, especially liquid, that has passed through a filter.
The act or process of filtering, especially the process of passing a liquid or gas, such as air, through a filter in order to remove solid particles.


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  • Filtration angle

    filtration angle n. The acute angle occurring between the iris and the cornea at the periphery of the anterior chamber of the eye. Also called angle of the iris, iridocorneal angle.

  • Filtration coefficient

    filtration coefficient n. A measure of a membrane’s permeability to water, taking into account both hydraulic and osmotic pressures.

  • Filtration fraction

    filtration fraction n. The portion of blood plasma that enters the kidney and filters through the renal glomerular membranes.

  • Filum

    [fahy-luh m] /ˈfaɪ ləm/ noun, plural fila [fahy-luh] /ˈfaɪ lə/ (Show IPA) 1. a threadlike structure; filament. /ˈfaɪləm/ noun (pl) -la (-lə) 1. (anatomy) any threadlike structure or part filum fi·lum (fī’ləm) n. pl. fi·la (-lə) A threadlike anatomical structure; a filament.

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