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[fahyn-drawn] /ˈfaɪnˈdrɔn/

drawn out to extreme fineness or thinness.
[fahyn-draw] /ˈfaɪnˈdrɔ/
verb (used with object), fine-drew, fine-drawn, fine-drawing.
Sewing. to sew together so finely that the joining is not noticeable.
to draw out to extreme fineness, tenuity, or subtlety.
(of arguments, distinctions, etc) precise or subtle
(of wire) drawn out until very fine; attenuated
(of features) delicate or refined
verb (transitive) -draws, -drawing, -drew, -drawn
to sew together so finely that the join is scarcely noticeable
to carry out the last drawing-out operation on (wire, tube, etc) to reduce its diameter


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